Why We C.A.R.E.

Our current study over evangelism is truly a wonderful topic of discussion. As the world changes, evangelism does also. Different people learn and respond to different things. This is what makes our current study so important when considering reaching this world. However, we must all keep in mind that it is not something that happens over night. It takes months and even years sometimes to see growth from a planted seed.

There are four characteristics a community of believers must have in order to grow. These four characteristics must also be passed down to every believer and “new comer.” These characteristics can easily be remembered as the C.A.R.E. principle (communal, accountable, respectful, and evangelical).

Communal—Community is HUGE when it comes to today’s culture. Note that even in the book of Acts followers of Christ spent a lot of time with each other. We must not be any different today. If we claim to be a family, we must truly function as one. I’m not sure about you, but my family was always with each other and helping each other. The building of community also encompasses the building of relationships. We must build relationships with both those inside and those who are outside.

Accountable—Accountability is another priority. This does not mean shun somebody who has slipped up and fallen. It does not even mean to lecture that person. However, it does mean that we need to watch out for each other and help each other achieve the standard set before us. We need to help each other stay on track in our prayer life, our struggles, our attitudes, and every other aspect of our walk with Christ.

Respectful—A growing body of Christ is respectful to all of its members. It does not talk behind anyone’s back and it does not disrespect somebody intentionally. If we are to grow, we must constantly respect each other and those who are outside of our congregation. It’s true, our respect should extend to everyone. We can disagree and still be respectful…whether its within our family or if its with someone who is outside of the family.

Evangelical—Evangelism is the lifeline of the body of Christ. Just like milk helps our physical bodies grow strong and be nurtured, evangelism helps grow and nurture the body of Christ. We are commanded to go and share the Good News of Christ. We are not commanded to share doctrines, theologies, or even opinions, but the good news. Everything else comes later. If we are not evangelizing in our daily lives (not only on Sundays) we are not living a right life with Jesus Christ. Even more, if we are not evangelizing daily, we are out right disobeying Jesus.

If we hold to these four characteristics, we will see a harvest and growth both spiritually and numerically. Where do you need improvement?

“Try great things for God and expect great things from Him!”


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